Future Fields is an automation concept has been created by KONECRANES to tackle challenges such as increasing vessel sizes and the limited availability of land.

Developed in partnership with industry experts, Future Fields incorporates COFASTRANS with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and Automated High-Bay Container Storage for landside storage and distribution.

After unloading containers from the vessel using COFASTRANS’ Ship-to-Shore cranes, AGVs will transport them to the automated container warehouse. The warehouse layout and automated system can stack containers up to 14 high (storing 3,500-4,000 TEC per hectare), with the ability to load and unload individual containers without moving any others.

The building will also be able to generate electricity using solar panels, which, coupled with the automated stacking, ensures a greener system in a smaller footprint than existing container storage options.

Future Fields can improve productivity, consistency and capacity in container handling. Each component is designed to integrate with existing cargo handling setups, offering improved safety and efficiency.

When the components are used together, the benefits are significantly advanced. The flexibility of Future Fields means it could be deployed in many locations, accounting for their unique needs and layout.

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